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Have you ever...

It was 3 am, dark and pleasantly warm. We were getting up to go to the beach!

  • Towels? Check
  • Camera? Check
  • Food for breakfast? Check
  • Special sunglasses? Check

Our choice of beach was about half an hour’s drive away and we arrived at Palm Beach about 4am. We were not alone – there were a few people about – already relaxing on their towels, laid out on the sand. But why would people be going to the beach at this strange hour? Swimming was definitely not an option as there are stingers and the odd salt water crocodile to discourage the earnest.

Actually, we had come some 2500km (1500 miles) (from the south of Australia to Cairns in the north) to sit on the beach and watch the sun! And because we anticipated being part of many hundreds of thousands of sun seekers on this beach this very day, we…

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