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November 16, 2012

Words to use: autumn, bedroom, love, examinations, family


I don’t know if I have a problem with my family or if they have a problem with me.

I only have two sisters. One older and  one younger than me. My older sister has three daughters.  Two are married and each has two children. My younger sister is a spinster and has no children. Not a very big family I must say!

When it comes to my nieces, they hardly ever contact me. They neither really visited me also. I always had to ask my sister how they were and what they were up to. That was the only contact I had. When I visited my sister I would always visit them too.

When it comes to my two sisters it feels as if I am in a one way street. Only one way and that is the way to their homes. My sisters only visited me on my birthday, but when it was during the week they would visit the nearest Saturday to my birthday( Not that they lived that far away from me. About an hour’s drive that’s all)  Every third Christmas was also my turn to entertain them at my place.

I’ll call them or visit them regularly. I  don’t know why it was such a big issue to contact or visit me.

After my mother passed away my younger sister came to visit me some times and I loved it. We made turns to visit each other. My older sister never visited me after my mother’s death. She didn’t even bother to see me off at the airport although she wasn’t far away from the airport. This was really very unpleasant.

Today it is still the same. I would e-mail , ask questions about the family and tell things happening here with me. They just do not answer back or they take weeks before coming back to me and then they still won’t answer what I am asking. The best is when they e-mail me they expect me to answer immediately. They’ll ask the next day if I have received their e-mails and why am I not answering them.

Why do I always have to beg for answers?! I know that I sound very negative when it comes to family but this is how it goes and how I feel about my family.


Quick writing:  behavior, simulator, confronted, kitchen, falling


Today(Nov 16) we had some competition while reading and discussing our topics from last week. A couple of young folk were enjoying their study- discussions so much we could hardly hear what the reader was reading.

I know a library is for the use of many things. One thing that must be remembered is that you(or we) are not alone, there are many other people who also want to do their studies  or reading.

These young ones were going on so loudly that one member of my Write easy group had to confront them by asking them to just calm down a bit. It went well for a while and, then we, again confronted them about the noise they were making. It helped again to confront them to calm down.


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