Story challenge: Letter T

You guessed right! I am going to use dear TROMPIE for my letter T


stands for


The photo says it all!

I took Trompie to the vet to check his micro chip.

Could not find it and

he had to go back for a new one!

Poor Trompie, it is a think needle they use to put it in.

Here is the “wound”.

Waiting at the gate to meet his friend next door.

Showing off next to this grand car!


Weekly photo challenge: RENEWAL

Last week I had to write on technology and now I can use my passage I have written for IT’S WRITE EASY.


Technology today isn’t what it was about 25 years ago.

First our telephone system changed from wired lines to wireless cell phones. Then from cell phones to the computer  and e-mails. Today you don’t need your PC or your laptop, you only use your cell phone and everything lands in your hand  in the mail box of your phone.

The same is with the changes in computer systems. At first you had this huge box with all its gadgets in it. Small screens, and big keyboards. Then they were streamlined. Bigger screens, smaller keyboards and a mouse to use to open what ever you want to open. Changes were made again and in came the laptop because some people had to carry their information with them all the time. You also first had this cd disk which contained all your information and back ups. Today you use a tiny memory card. You connect it to your laptop and there you go, everything is there for the world to see.

You can even get your books on a tablet. Where is the world going with all these things?!

I am not very technology literate but I know there have been changes in the way everything works today. To me it is sometimes hard to adapt to all these new “discoveries” as I call them. In the mean time I have to keep up with the changes otherwise I can’t use my computer.

(No photos this week)

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November 13 and post no 400! Big thank you to all the people and their challenges.

Today November 13, 2012 I am posting post no 400.

I started blogging February 18, 2012 and I am still working on it. At first I thought I’ll never get into it. It feels sometimes a waste of time to sit and do all this sorting and writing and answering, at the end I am happy that I kept on going.

If it had not been for all the challenges I would have ended my blogging long ago.

I want to thank the following people and posts for their challenges that helped me completing 400 posts in about 9 months time.

I am giving all these beautiful people a rose today.

You all inspired me every time to go on with my posts.

Thank you again.