14 comments on “Six word Saturday: Cot quilt

  1. This is so lovely. Is it hand sewn or done on a machine?
    I made a single bed quilt before I got married that was seen together by hand. I put it on my daughter’s bed when she was tiny and had decorated her room to match. She and I still laugh now – I found she was systematically unpicking each of the small hexagon shapes, not realising that they were holding everything together! Needless to say, the quilt was removed until she was a lot older!

    • Thanks, no this isn’t hand quilted. At first when I started I did not have a sewing machine so I had to do it by hand. Now that I am making them to sell at craft market I do it on my sewing machine. Much easier and also faster. I still do some of the quilting by hand.

    • Thank you for following my blog and the likes. I also love my quilting. I am busy making my shop hop quilt at the moment. Each year we visit 6 shops to get hold of the pieces to make the squares for the quilt.

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