Sunday post: WONDERFUL


It is wonderful to know that when you miss something  so much that it hurts you can go to your photos and remember how


it was.

Remembering the days in the “Bosveld”

Bush veld in South Africa,

With its  ” Kameeldoringbome”

Camel thorn trees.


to remember.

Kameeldoringboom – Camel thorn tree

Acacia erioloba is also commonly known as the Camel ThornKameeldoring (Afrikaans), Giraffe Thorn or Mokala (Tswana). TheMokala National Park in the Northern Cape is named after this tree. The type specimen of Acacia giraffae, proved on closer examination to be a hybrid of A. haematoxylon and the species which would later become known as A. erioloba. The name A. erioloba was therefore proposed for the vast numbers of Camel Thorn which are not hybrids.

It is a thorn acacia native to the drier parts of Southern Africa. Its preferred habitat is deep sandy soils. It occurs in the Transvaal, westernFree State, northern Cape ProvinceBotswana, the western areas of Zimbabwe and Namibia. The tree was first described by Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Meyer & Johann Franz Drège in 1836.[1]

The tree can grow up to 17 metres high. Its name refers to the fact that giraffe (kameelperd in Afrikaans) commonly graze on the hard-to-reach succulent leaves normally out of reach of smaller animals. Giraffe are partial to all acacias and manifest a specially-adapted tongueand lips that can cope with the vicious thorns. It also grows ear-shaped pods, which are favoured by a large number of herbivoresincluding cattle. The wood is dark reddish-brown in colour and extremely dense and strong. It is slow-growing, very hardy to drought and fairly frost-resistant.

The wood is a good fuel for fires, which leads to widespread clearing of dead trees and the felling of healthy trees. According tosuperstitionlightning will strike at A. erioloba more readily than other trees.

The Camel Thorn’s seeds can be roasted and used as a substitute for coffee beans.[citation needed]

Have a look at the marvelous work Jake is doing with graphics!

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25 comments on “Sunday post: WONDERFUL

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  2. I can so understand – the photos and the longing for a place that has its roots deep in your psyche.
    I look at my photos of the place and feel the same.
    I love the photo of the sun behind the tree.

    • Yes I also love the sun behind the trees. They are special. I am so glad I can still see and remember these pictures. I enjoy the early mornings here also. Some days are so beautiful and clear here.

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