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The roots of a tree keep it standing firmly. Rains and winds buffet against it and yet it stands firm. The roots go deep down into the ground and, not only hold it firmly in place, but also nourish it with life-giving water.

Having strong roots, a firm foundation, in one’s life is important. It keeps one grounded; and sure in the knowledge of one’s beliefs and morals when buffeted by the experiences of society. When thinking of personal roots, one often thinks of family background, of history, of where one’s family has originated. But in our modern society I tend to think that our roots are more than that.

Both my parents left the country of their birth. I was brought up in a land that they came to love, but a land n which their parents and siblings had no roots. They had been uprooted (one through his…

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How long would your dog wait?


How long would your dog wait for you?

A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds. Sometimes they love us more than our partners do, we’re sure of it!

But how long would your dog wait for you? Would it find you if you were lost? Would it still greet you every day like they had never seen you before? Take Leao in this picture, who lost his owner when she was killed in catastrophic landslides in Brazil. This was his second consecutive day of sitting next to her grave.

Click here to read amazing stories from dogs around the world who never stopped looking for their owners. PS, grab the tissues!
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