A day in the life of mr T

Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy


Trompie is the one who inspires me every day to join him in his activities.


Trompie will take a quick nap when I am in the shower before we go on our second morning walk.

He waits and waits and waits on the bed till I am ready.

He’ll go to the door and will wait for me to put on his lead, and off we go.

At about 1 o’clock we will have a nap together on my lazy boy. He sleeps between my legs while I am taking my nap.

The last photo is where the vet put his second micro chip. The council warned us that some of the chips were not working. I took Trompie to the vet and the chip wasn’t there anymore. They put a new one in yesterday.

I hope this one is going to work.

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