October Photo a Day Challenge: Close up

11. Something close-up: These photos might be a little mysterious. Take a photo of something really close-up.


Visit the link to get the rest of October photo a day challenge!

Day 11: Something close up




Next few days:

12. On the table: Last month we did table, but this month let’s do ON the table. What’s on your table?

13. Landscape: Take a photo of the skyline, a landscape you see.

14. Makes you laugh: What’s something funny that makes you laugh. Share it.

15. Dinnertime: Just like lunchtime, only later. Take a picture of what dinnertime is like on this day for you.


6 comments on “October Photo a Day Challenge: Close up

    • Thanks, I adore them both. Each has his own personality. These two do not really play with each other. Luigi is two years older than Trompie and he thinks it’s no use to run around like a mad child!

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