It’s write easy

This was again hard to decide about what I could write

Starting points:

  1. Mother/father/other always said…
  2. I searched everywhere
  3. I won …
  4. “Don’t ever do/say that”…
  5. Do you want the good news or the bad news?


I won them over at the end!

Today when I sit down and think back of times I have won animals over, I can say I have done so a few times that I can remember.

The first time that comes in my mind I won an animal over was way back in 1970. My parents had a milk goat  stud. The name of the stud was Hil-sum, after Hilversum from where we were born. My parents wanted me to also start my own stud and own line of goats. My stud name was Candida, meaning white and the goats were Saanens and they are all white.

We ordered or booked two ewes from a well known goat farmer near Britstown in the Cape(South Africa) My father and I drove to the farm to pick them up and also to meet some of the goat farmers. We lived near Pretoria . Britstown is about a thousand km from Pretoria.

The two ewes were still very young and wild. They had not been handled by the farmer or anybody else. Just before we had to load them we went into the shed where they had been for the night. They were very wild . They kept running away. I slowly went nearer and nearer to them and talked to them. I totally calmed them down and won them over. We could pick them up and put them in the pick up without any hazzles.

The farmer said that he had never seen someone calming down wild animals like I did.

It is the same when I approach  an unknown dog or other animal . I have a calming effect  on them. I have the patience to win them over and calm them down so it is easy to handle them.

Then I have another short story to tell about my late husband winning over my puppy.

When I started dating my husband I had this puppy called Dixie. She was only used to me and did not really wanted to take notice of my “boyfriend”. I think she was just protecting me. When my husband asked me to marry him I said yes on one condition. Three quarters of me says yes and as soon as he has won Dixie’s quarter over we could get married! That’s how it happened at the end!.

This is me with twin lambs. (1969)

10 minute quick writing:

Words: local event, lost, shopping, arrival, scarcity


I  was about four years old when I really got lost. I remember it clearly because I wasn’t supposed to walk after my grandfather.

All I remember is that my grandfather walked out the door going back home. I went after him without him knowing it. I could see him walking down the street and then he was gone( he turned the corner) I just kept on walking straight on. Later on I walked down a lane with high trees.(Remember I am only 4 years, I don’t think the trees were that high!) Someone came across from the other side, took my hand and took me to the nearest police station. I can remember that I was sitting on the counter enjoying myself while waiting for someone to pick me up. My mother came to pick me up on her bicycle.

Later on my mother told me that my grandfather was supposed to have taken me to his place and he did not remember it. He just went off leaving me outside on my own. I remember that my parents were very upset about the situation my grandfather put me in. They were also very glad to find me unhurt and save.