Early morning dog experience!


Every morning I make up my bed, eat my breakfast and then take my clothes I want to wear,  to the bathroom for my shower. Since last week I have moved my room to my second bedroom and this is kind of hard  because I am used to go to the other room all the time.

Well, it is difficult for Trompie too! He is used to sleep with me on a BIG bed. Now we are using a king single bed. Not much room for both of us.

Anyway, Every time I go for my shower Trompie gets onto my “new” bed and waits between the pillows for me to come back after my shower. This morning He was so cute lying between the pillows I had to take photos and share it with everyone.












21 comments on “Early morning dog experience!

    • Thank you, his name comes from a South African juvenile book series, main boy or gang leader’s name is Trompie. Books are all about this group of 12 – 13 year old boys and all the mischief they get into. He is a miniature Schnauzer.

      • thank you for info, he is lovely.:-)
        We are looking into getting a dog, i am retired and love walking, at the moment our mind is set on a Tibeton Terrier. 🙂

      • I love Schnauzers because they are not that tiny and they are strong kind of dogs. I had them for may years now that’s why I got me one again. I don’t know Tibeton Terriers, I’ll have a look

      • I had a quick look at the Tibeton terrier. Looks cool to me. My friend has got Tibetan spaniels and she is happy with them. Schnauzers don’t shed their hair and that’s a plus to me because I have a son who is allergic to Cat and dog hair.

      • my husband also has allergic to some dog fur, i don’t think Tibeton terriers shed either, My daughter had a giant Schnauzer a few years ago, she has had dogs all her life, but now sadly has had to give them up as she has become allergic and can no longer keep dogs,

  1. isn’t it just the cutest when they are waiting for you after you come back from somewhere, its the true picture of loyalty and love to me,which Trompie definitely looks like he is wanting to show you in the pictures:)

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