Post 300 : Celebrate Spring!

Spring is here BUT

Yesterday and the day before was real winter again.  A cold south weather blast was upon us yesterday. The Rimutaka Hills had snow and the road was closed for at least 5 hours. Everybody from the other side of the hills had to make use of the train to get to work in Wellington.

Road open, but snow keeps falling

Rimutaka Hill road was closed for six hours this morning as a cold snap hit the Wellington region.

The road was closed at 5.15am but was reopened about 11.20am.

NZTA crews have worked this morning to clear snow from the highway and through to Featherston.

Work would continue through the day, which would mean delays, NZTA Wellington operations manager Mark Owen said.

“Light snow is still falling and safety remains paramount, so we’ll be keeping a very close eye on conditions, and we urge motorists to drive with care and to the conditions.”

MetService meteorologist Daniel Corbett said snow was expected to keep falling on the Rimutaka Hill and hills over 400mm-500m around Wellington until about 7pm.

He said it was a result of ”black and ugly” clouds moving in from the south.

On the Rimutaka Hill Rd it was expected 4cm-8cm of snow would settle.

The Rimutakas run southwest-northeast for 55 kilometres from Turakirae Head at the eastern end of Palliser Bay to the upper reaches of the Hutt Valley where it joins the southern end of the Tararua Range. The highest peak in the Rimutakas is Mount Matthews, at 940 metres.

State Highway 2 (Rimutaka Hill Road) near the top of the range..jpg

Well, that’s enough about the cold! Let’s


Tulip Magnolia



Kowhai tree blossoms

That is it for spring today!

16 comments on “Post 300 : Celebrate Spring!

  1. Beautiful, I loooooove flowers!! (check out my post “Vivisection and Flowers” for some really neat flower pics and descriptions thereof from my Evolutionary Biologist friend!) Thanks so much for checking out my blog and Liking my Pictorial Highlight on Humboldt; I do a weekly double-Pictorial that features a different bioregion of my beloved home of California each time. *Following* your blog now, I look forward to perusing it further!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

      • Yeah, I still don’t know how most of the features on my Canon Digital Rebel work, I just click to what seems the appropriate setting and take pictures of pretty things at pretty angles and hope for the best. I really should learn techniques, functions, settings, and so forth, but I dunno…too busy writing novels and nonfiction and taking pictures and working! 😛

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