Something about birds of New Zealand

Pūkeko is the common name, derived from the Māori language, for the Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) of New Zealand. The subspecies occurring there is Porphyrio porphyrio melanotus, which is also found elsewhere in Australasia, including, in eastern Indonesia, the MollucasAru and Kai Islands, as well as in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

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The Bird of the Year poll has now opened so please cast your vote for your favourite native bird.

Previous winners include the tui (2005), fantail (2006), grey warbler (2007), kakapo (2008), kiwi (2009), kakariki (2010) and pukeko (2011).

Polling for Bird of the Year – – closes on October 10 at 9am.

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6 comments on “Something about birds of New Zealand

    • They usually come over when you feed the wild ducks. They first need to trust you before they start coming closer. I used to feed them early in the morning while everybody was still in bed! I do not live near them anymore.This photo is not mine it is one from Forest and Birds webpage.(Wish I could take such beautiful photos)

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