Story Challenge: letter H HURT ( not for sensitive viewers)

Last Thursday I had a bad fall in the parking lot at our Mall.

It all happened in a wink. I had to pick up a parcel at our post shop.Tthe problem was I was not supposed to take my car and drive to the shops. The cars water pump is not working well. I have to top up the water every time before I use the car. I did it and told my self it will be fine to quickly go to the shops. (My mechanic said I am not supposed to use the car before he had a look at it! Up to date he hasn’t done it!).

Well happy go lucky, I picked up my parcel and went back to my car, but oh dear, it just happened. I tripped and fell on my hand and hit the cement(pavement) with the side of my face. Lights out!

Some people came to help me and I kept on saying I am Ok.  Drove home on my own, had to stop on the way because I wanted to faint.(Bad girl! Such is life when you are on your own). I got home safely.

Next morning my neighbor took over! She took me to the Clinic and there they did all the things they do when you have a situation like mine.

Well done to me, now I can’t drive and have to use my neighbor or the bus to take me where I want.

Here are photos of my hand after 4 days. It still HURTS. ( not for sensitive viewers, please)

Letter H : HURT

Not that swollen anymore

Luckely nothing broke!

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