Travel Theme: Leading Lines


So this week’s travel theme is to share your interpretation of leading lines. If you’d like to join in, create your own post entitled Travel theme: Leading Lines and put a link to this page in your post so others can find it. I am on the road for another ten days but will be checking in to see what you all have in store for me, and don’t forget to come back next Friday to see the next travel theme!

Show me your leading lines! In the meantime, I will be looking at lots of this:



This is a graphic LEADING LINE to show history of events during the years.

Without the LEADING LINE of the cotton/wool you can’t spin it

or use the spinning wheel.


22 comments on “Travel Theme: Leading Lines

  1. Very interesting, also got me thinking of the line heartbeat produces….. and how it stops when life stops….
    I’ve also linked to knitting and crocheting…. leading lines in my life….

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