Sunday Still’s: In the air


About Sunday Stills

Join us in a weekly photography challenge.

Sunday Stills is a place to hone your photography skills. Each Week Ed issues a new “Challenge” that gives us the opportunity to pick up what ever kind of camera we own and try and meet it. Sometimes we’ll look forward to it because it might seem fun and easy and sometimes we might have to rack our brain to get the appropriate shot to meet the assignment requirements. The purpose is to get out there and use our cameras.

Each Sunday Ed will provide us with a new challenge and maybe give some tips on getting the job done. Any one can join in, the more the merrier. After you’ve put up your Sunday Stills post on your blog send us the link to the post and we’ll put them up here so everyone can go visit your blog, check out your pictures and comment.


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: In the Air

So for this weeks challenge its all about looking up and seeing whats in the sky. From planes flying, birds flying to clouds to the moon, if its not connected to the earth go for it..:-)


In the air seen through the window of an aeroplane!

In the air over Australia.


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