Remember South Africa 2010 (no 3 Last days in Potch)

I had a fantastic week with my scrap book friend. She took me with her for a class . Guess what? There were 5 of the ladies with whom I also attended the scrap booking weeks away every year since 2004.!

Here we both are. Busy working on our pages.

My friend also took me to Women’s tea at her church.

Rina Hugo and Elsabe Aldrich were guest artists

All dressed up for the occasion.

The next are some lovely wooden work from my friends husband.

This is their gardener and he makes these beautiful benches(riempiesbanke) in his spare time.

The next few days I visited old friends in Pretoria before moving to Polokwane/Pietersburg.

12 comments on “Remember South Africa 2010 (no 3 Last days in Potch)

    • Yes, it is. I am also so glad that this gardener may use my friends’ husbands tools and machines to create these beautiful furniture.Those on the photo were all on order!

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