It’s write easy

June 22,2012

Words to use:       snow, hairstyle, caves, sweets, water.


It’s raining, it’s pouring

Old man sun is snoring

He bumped his head on the side of the bed

And couldn’t get up this morning.

Rain is wonderful because it provides water for nature and us. We can’t live without water. It is an important part of our body. We so easily say:” Oh, it’s raining too much!” We must be glad that there is rain and that the water can be preserved in our catchment dams to provide us with water. When there isn’t enough rain there isn’t enough water to put away. We need water for everyday use. To me it is wonderful to see so much clean water.

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

This is how it is at times in South Africa. I lived in the northern part where it was very wet and hot during summer( in the 1970 to 80). Today there isn’t much left of the wet weather. There  was a time when it was so dry that we had to wait for trucks bringing some water for use. We could also only get one bucket of water per home. You could not use this water for drinking or cooking, only for washing and cleaning the house. We had to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. The gardens died away. Nothing green was left. Rivers also dried up.

The biggest problem with having no water was or is that there are too many people wanting water. The old dams are not big enough to provide in enough water for that many people.  After some years when the draught was broken and a bit more water, there were very strict water restrictions. No water was supposed to be wasted.

The last few years you could hardly use tap water for drinking. It wasn’t only dirty looking but some days also very smelly.

I kept on buying bottled water for drinking and cooking. Many people got sick from drinking this so called clean council water. It was recommended to put a cap of bleach in the water or boil it before drinking it.

To me it is very hard to see how water is sometimes wasted. It is so easy to open the tap and there is running clean water.

( Well, while I was writing this passage yesterday, my neighbor came and told my they are cutting off the water because there was a leak they had to fix. When I went for my walk after my writing guess what I saw?

Yes, they opened the water pipe and the water was gushing out, running in a flood down hill. So much for preserving water were my thoughts!)

During the session we had to use one or more from the following words: future, museum, cinema, trust, toys

We had to start with a striking first sentence and last sentence.


Growing up without a real cinema is in a way fantastic!

When I was still in Primary School in the late fifties, we had Friday night movies at school. There were no cinemas nearby.

The school was only a four classroom school with four teachers. On a Friday the teachers would take out the wall between two classrooms. They’ll put chairs in rows to sit on. You could also bring your own fold up chairs. A white sheet was hung in the front as a screen. This was our modern cinema.

We could only watch black and white films/movies. At first they were silent also. Charly Chaplin and also the three Stooges were our favourites. Later came black and white Tarzan films with with Johnny Weismuller and also Gorden Scott, shouting their chimp shouts. I also remember the projector in the middle between the chairs making its zooming noise.

I still think this was the best time of my life – watching these movies and going with the family on an evening out.

4 comments on “It’s write easy

    • Nooit oit kans gehad om te kon skryf nie. Niemand het my kans gegee op skool of na die tyd. Nou haal ek in en dit nogal in Ingels ook! Geniet die ouens se verhale en dinge. Elkeen het eie herinneringe

  1. It upsets me too when I see the waste of water here. Instead os sweeping, for example, the cleaners of the apartment building where I live use water. I shudder when I think of how many people that water would help in drought-stricken areas.

    • Yes, that’s why I said the last part. You also know how bad it is to have only a little bit of water. Thes people her could not believe that it can be so bad. They are used to water here

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