Travel Theme: Secret Place has each week a Travel Theme. This weeks Travel Theme is


I am thinking very hard about a place that could be my Secret Place.

This morning I suddenly came upon my secret place.

When I need to hide away from the outside world I go to one of these places.

BOOK SHOPS and also the LIBRARY are my Secret Places.

13 comments on “Travel Theme: Secret Place

  1. Now this is a really interesting take on the theme, scrapydo. Libraries and bookshops can be wonderful places to find solace, I especially love those hole-in-the-corner bookshops that are steeped in history, with overstuffed shelves and armchairs dotted around (I’m thinking Shakespeare and Co in Paris).

    • I love to hold a book in my hands and just quickly look through it to see if I like it.Yesterday while browsing I found a book telling some interesting things about NZ birds in this “old” ladies garden. So interesting , plain descriptions of everyday behaviour and some beautiful photos too which she has taken herself

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