52 Pick up – Tell a story

Tell a story means you have to use a series of photos and then tell what is happening!

Well, my story is about watching my orchid’s  flowers develop into beautiful flowers.


I saw the flowers developing the first time and took photos on May, 10, 2012

This is the one which is going to have 8 flowers

This one is smaller and came out later than no 1.


Then I took photos again on May, 17.

 Week later, the flowers were showing their heads.

Big spike with flowers.

Smaller spike.


I took photos again  June, 07

The warmer weather did the flowers well. The are still developing!

Smaller one is going slowly.


The newest photos, taken  yesterday, June 12, 2012 at 5:30pm. The plant is in my one bedroom because it is too cold outside. Snow is expected to fall  tonight. There was snowfall already during the day on the hills.

I really hope the flowers will survive in this weather!

The smaller spike has got only 3 flowers.

This is the end of the second last chapter.


The last chapter is going to be when the spikes are in bloom!!!


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