Tribute to my Mother

Born 1919-06-06  – Passed away  2006 – 07 – ?

n MA se Liefde

Dis n ma se liefde

wat n tuiste maak van n huis:

n plek om te onthou

waar jy ook al gaan op reis.

Helen Steiner Rice

This is how I will remember her Always knitting.

Taken during April holidays 2005, Naboomspruit.

Trixie is sitting next to her!

12 comments on “Tribute to my Mother

  1. The peom says so much about what being a mother truly is. It is not rushing your child from one activity to the next; but instead making a safe place at home.

  2. Ah what a nice tribute…I wish I could knit. She looks so content. My mom tried to teach me once but I couldn’t get the hang of it. She said I always dropped the stitches. You probably know what that means…

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