Remember South Africa: Last days 2009

As you know by now I migrated to New Zealand in 2009.

I had been teaching in South Africa till 2 weeks before my departure, up to February 28, 2009. The last two weeks I had for myself to relax and wait to start my trip to New Zealand. On the 28 Feb I had no car, no furniture, no roof over my head – nothing. Everything was sold and only my most precious belongings had been shipped that day.

I really have a very good friend who took me in for the last two weeks. She has a guest house in Potgietersrus(Mokopane) and she invited me to be with her the last 2 weeks. She took me everywhere I wanted to go and looked after me those last days. I thoroughly enjoyed those last days. We had lots of fun. All my friends also came to my friends place to say good bye!

Here are the last photos from those 2 weeks.

Inside my room. It had its own bathroom.

I had my meals with Monica(my friend) in her kitchen.

When you go out the door of my room you see this “dry” garden.

Garden to the right from my door.

Garden to the left from my door.

Part of the front garden.

Front door with Boella watching!

Jessy looking at me from the swimming pool!

There was also Jack!

The gardener and one of the cleaning ladies.

Two of my friends. Elsie left and Monica right.

Here I am putting my luggage into the car before my trip to the airport.

Two and a half hours drive from Mokopane to O R Thambo Airport.

I look kind of worried and I sure was a bit!

My sister who was taking the photos said “smile, don’t look so worried!” and I did!

Last doggy good byes!

And off we went!

6 comments on “Remember South Africa: Last days 2009

    • We do mis each other we were scrap book friends also. 2010 I had to go back again and my friend again invited me to stay with her for some time! That is adventures for a next post because I visited all my old friends

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