It’s write easy

Today our tutor was not there to listen to our writing. We only read our stories to each other and had some nice discussions.

March 11, 2012

Words to use : wishing, not wanted, family, event, first job

I took the word EVENT


Meaning of event: Occurrence of a thing; thing whose occurrence is noteworthy

One of the best events in my life was when I had the opportunity to come and visit my son in 2006.

My son moved to New Zealand in 2005 and a year later I came to visit him and see how he was living here. It was such a great event that I will never forget it.

After an eighteen hour flight up to Sydney,  an 5 hour wait to get the connection to Wellington which also took some time to get here, I landed in Wellington at midnight.

I really enjoyed every moment of the visit.  We even went up to Cambridge for a few days. We also had a good time in and around Wellington  too. I am so thankful that I could first come over and have a look how it is here before deciding on what to do.

Then the big decision to come to New Zealand was made in 2009.

This is an event I shall always remember.


6 comments on “It’s write easy

    • No, I am from South Africa. Was 6 years when my parents migrated to SA from the Netherlands. It is kind of hard to leave everything behind after about 53 years but it is worth it . It is much “calmer” and saver here. Had some bad experiences the last few years in SA

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