Remember New Zealand 2006(no 9)

The next are photos of creatures in and round our home in Kelson where I visited my son in 2006.

This spider was inside!

Nicely covered and so dangerous to insects!

This spider was just sitting outside the back door.

Mr Bumblebee.

This was the first cicada I saw!

Two cicada skins. I wanted to take them home with me but my son said :

No, they are going to catch me taking it out of NZ!

This is all for today. Next time I still have some photos to show from around the place I stayed.

12 comments on “Remember New Zealand 2006(no 9)

    • You’re welcome. I was also kind of shocked when I saw them for the first time. There were thousands of them everywhere. Last year they were so noisy, they never stopped. Even through the night they made their noise. This year it wasn’t that much.(Must tell you I live at bottom of hills covered with trees, where they were hiding.)

  1. hi Ineke, you are so kind to animals! just heard about macho gun men on the isle Malta, Mediterranean Sea, who kill the storks on their way from Africa to Northern Europe …

    • Real bad business, hate people who do that. We had here two grown men shooting 32 dogs just for pleasure of it. They are bisy with their hearing now. Was puppies as well as fully grown dogs, they were their neighbors pets!

  2. Pragfoto’s weereens Ineke! Ek kon ook nooit glo dat sonbesies so groot is nie. LOL! En hulle kan omtrent raas ja! Mooi spinnekop! 🙂

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