Sunday Post: Culture (update)

I am updating my CULTURE page because I have difficulty in down loading my photos

Here is a scrapbook page with people doing some traditional dances in Zimbabwe

Photo on the left hand side top: We all got some traditional brewed beer. This lady gave each of us one of these tin mugs and she poured some beer in it . She at first washed our hands after we were dressed up with these “dresses” before she started tending us.

Here you can see the tin mug top photo. Bottom: some delecacies we had to try! At the right is my certificate for eating a Mopani worm!

11 comments on “Sunday Post: Culture (update)

  1. Looks fun! When we visited Victoria falls we stepped into Zimbabwe for a brief minute. I don’t count that on my list though since I didn’t really get to see the country. I hope to go back. Not sure if I will eat the worm though 🙂

    • It was a real exiting experience! The last time I was there the falls were over flowing it was wonderful to see. The traditional dinner event was also something special. The worm eating – well, I won’t go out of my way to look for it.

    • Dis nou weer n ander storie! My program wat ek gebruik maak dit kleiner. Sal maar weer moet hulp kry. Dit maak my skoon senuweeagtig. My laaste foto het sommer verdwyn van my lysie af( maniger het gese hy reformat hulle. Nou kry ek dit nie meer nie!)

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