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Today is the letter O

O is for ORCHIDS

Oncidium    Starwars x Monymare

Grown in South Africa In Naboomspruit   Photographed by Scrapydo

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A-Z Archive
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Craft Market

On April 8, 2012 I attended a craft market which was held at our Cossie Club. Every first Sunday in the month they have this market. This is the 5 th time I attended it.

This one was a big market because they organised some Easter activities also.

I had some knitted scarfs, bags and cot quilts on sale

(I still have problems down loading my photos, here are two that I could get)

These are some of  the scarfs:


This is a photo of one of the quilts I have sold. (The other one I sold had pirates on it – for boys!)