Lavender Shed

Since 2006 I know this lady who makes all kinds of things using Lavender. She has an old shed where she dries and makes all the articles and smelly things from Lavender. She even has a distiller to extract the oil from the plants and flowers.

The yellow part is the shed/garage.  This is where she does all her manufacturing. LAVENDER WAENHUIS,  Naboomspruit South Africa




These are some pictures from inside the shed. TV program  was made inside the shed while I had to show some ladies how to plait some lavender.

Here are some lavenders growing in the garden in front of my friends gallery. She is a local artist.





Inside the gallery – there is a whole collection of historical goodies in her gallery  like this old gramophone That still plays when you wind it up.

Poppies just for the pleasure of it!