Pretty ballerina

The Fuchsia is one of my most favorite  flowers. They look like dainty ballerinas when the wind blows them up and down. On tip toes they dance in the wind.  Their colors are also beautiful, lighter outside and darker under or bottom with stems hanging like little ballerina dancing on the tip of their toes.

Before opening up:

About an hour later:


This is not the same one but this is how they look when fully open:


Another one of the same color.  Look at the tip toes.

Another color!

And another color

And still another color


So beautiful, They are all in my garden


6 comments on “Pretty ballerina

  1. Oooo dis darem baie mooi. Jou eie? Jou foto’s is ook mooi!

    Ek is vanoggend oppad. Lekker naweek. Jy kan antwoord of epos. Ek kry dit op my foon. Weet nog nie hoe om hier te antwoord nie maar gaan dit binnekort probeer.

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