About Me

Me as a toddler.


Me and one of my proudest moments!  Alaskan Malamute – Husky Pack’s Duncan( also known as Husky) In one years time he became Best of Breed. This doesn’t easily happen to many dogs. He was just perfect, one of a kind dog!This was way back in 1972.


Here are all the different faces of me ( sorry for the bit of light in the middle)

Kreativ Blogger! award

I want to thank Mona at monahoward.com or ramblings.wordpress.com for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger!

It works as follows

1. Include image of award on your post.

2.Acknowledge person who nominated you and link back to her/his post.

3. Write a list of things about yourself.(usually 7)

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7 More things you might not know about me

1. I grew up on a small holding outside Pretoria South Africa. Later I farmed with Saanen goats and had my own stud.

2. I also bred and showed Alaskan Malamutes during my early working days

3. Refereed many netball teams and also concerts during teaching career.

4. Got married at 35 and have a lovely son. God bless him!

5. I am interested and do anything arty or crafty!

6. I studied further in things I am interested.Got the following certficates

Basic Animal Behaviour(dogs) 2002

Animal assisted activities  2003

Memory healing practitioner 2007

7. Last but not the least I love nature and everything that goes with it. Taking photos of eye catching things outside makes me feel happy and free.

I do not know to who I must give this award. Feel free to use it if you are creative.