Toad stools

Look what I was up to today! Day before yesterday I saw the first one popping out. Two days later it did not look that good anymore BUT I took two good ones today!

This is yesterdays  one.  It’s got a kind of a insect on it that I don’t know!

Here is the same one this morning. Was windy and rainy the weekend, that’s why it looks battered.

This one is the same one but more from the bottom.  I was really crawling on my hands and knees in the wet grass to get these photos( maybe it is time for a better camera!)

6 comments on “Toad stools

    • They are more red when they are popping up and the top is also more closed. After a day or two they open up more and then the color changes to more orange and they flatten and then the outside starts curling up. On the 3rd-5th day they usually fall over especially if it is hot and dry.

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