Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Photo Taken THROUGH the fence of a cheeta at Lente Roode’s  Cheeta Rehabilitation Center , Hoedspruit South Africa.

Cheeta Through the fence

Cheeta through the fence

Gate where you go through when entering the center

Going THROUGH the gate to enter the center

10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

    • Yes they are beauties. This one came so close to the fence that it rubbed it’s face against it. We were warned not to get to close the fence( We were in a vehicle with the guide, she stopped next to the fence)

    • I cannot remember the numbers but They were in different camps in pairs of two or four. Between the camps they had these drive through ways which they close down and let a male run down the fence to see which female is on heat. Was very interesting. They breed them there to let them loose when they are fully grown into reserves. They also have a vulture restaurant there. I’ll put some photos on my post to show you (That will be tomorrow because it’s nearly 10pm and bedtime for me)

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