The 7X7 link award

Colline at Colline’s Blog nominated me for the 7X7 Link Award.Colline has a big variety of posts from written,to pictures only and Biblical words. She inspires me every time to go on posting another post.

Thank you for naming me for this award Colline.

It works as follows:   I need to provide seven links to 7 posts that I have written according to seven categories. There after I am to pass this award to seven other bloggers.

The seven categories and links to my posts are:

1. The most popular:  Looking at my stats the post Cosmos was the popular one

2. The most helpful: Cicada  I did a lot of reading on the New Zealand Cicada That wasvery interesting

3. The most beautiful one: Sunday Post: Landscape

4. The most contraversial: About me

5. The most surprisingly succesful : Ruth Wyand. There was a lot of interest in this one

6.  The most underrated: According to my stats again  was the least popular Winter – Summer

7. The most pride worthy: Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual  The peacock  ones. I had to scan my scrap book page to get the photos because I could not find them .Then my son found them and I could use it as I thought to do it in the first place

Here are the seven bloggers I would like to nominate for this award:

1. life as i see it

2.  FlickerComments by FritzText

3. Ramblings

4.  A Traveller’s Tale

5.  Sarchasm2

6.  Hunderdpics

7.  Sonel’s corner