It’s Write Easy

Snow Up the hill

It’s Write Easy to write your own life history!

An old war veteran teacher gives sessions on how to write your life history every Friday 1:30 -3pm in our Library. I decided to join the club and see if I can do something about my way of writing down my history. Someone who does scrap booking knows that it isn’t only about the photos, you still have to tell the story!

My first impression was:Wow, these people know how to do it. Each one had to read their passages which they prepared at home.

The first we had to write about the word STREET.

Here is my paragraph

I use my street at least three times a day walking my dog. Living at he back from the real street makes me to go from my place passing 2 other homes before I reach my street. To the right you can go up the hill. There you pass a creek which runs down from the top. There is also one house where ducks sleep at night. Early mornings they fly over me to the duck pond.

To the left you can go down to the main street that goes to the shops. Going down there is a church. A real old fashioned church. When I go for my walks I meet people going and coming from work everyday. Sometimes there are also ,mostly ladies,walking their dogs.

My street is save and quiet. There are some young people who love to race down the hill. That is mostly late afternoons or evenings and on weekends. There are also some young people without cars/wheels who go to the shops on their bicycles.

There you are. My first real writing.