Pretty ballerina

The Fuchsia is one of my most favorite  flowers. They look like dainty ballerinas when the wind blows them up and down. On tip toes they dance in the wind.  Their colors are also beautiful, lighter outside and darker under or bottom with stems hanging like little ballerina dancing on the tip of their toes.

Before opening up:

About an hour later:


This is not the same one but this is how they look when fully open:


Another one of the same color.  Look at the tip toes.

Another color!

And another color

And still another color


So beautiful, They are all in my garden


About Me

Me as a toddler.


Me and one of my proudest moments!  Alaskan Malamute – Husky Pack’s Duncan( also known as Husky) In one years time he became Best of Breed. This doesn’t easily happen to many dogs. He was just perfect, one of a kind dog!This was way back in 1972.


Here are all the different faces of me ( sorry for the bit of light in the middle)

Kreativ Blogger! award

I want to thank Mona at or for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger!

It works as follows

1. Include image of award on your post.

2.Acknowledge person who nominated you and link back to her/his post.

3. Write a list of things about yourself.(usually 7)

4. Nominate 7 or more bloggers.

7 More things you might not know about me

1. I grew up on a small holding outside Pretoria South Africa. Later I farmed with Saanen goats and had my own stud.

2. I also bred and showed Alaskan Malamutes during my early working days

3. Refereed many netball teams and also concerts during teaching career.

4. Got married at 35 and have a lovely son. God bless him!

5. I am interested and do anything arty or crafty!

6. I studied further in things I am interested.Got the following certficates

Basic Animal Behaviour(dogs) 2002

Animal assisted activities  2003

Memory healing practitioner 2007

7. Last but not the least I love nature and everything that goes with it. Taking photos of eye catching things outside makes me feel happy and free.

I do not know to who I must give this award. Feel free to use it if you are creative.

Toad stools

Look what I was up to today! Day before yesterday I saw the first one popping out. Two days later it did not look that good anymore BUT I took two good ones today!

This is yesterdays  one.  It’s got a kind of a insect on it that I don’t know!

Here is the same one this morning. Was windy and rainy the weekend, that’s why it looks battered.

This one is the same one but more from the bottom.  I was really crawling on my hands and knees in the wet grass to get these photos( maybe it is time for a better camera!)

Chilli Pepper Lodge and Kruger National Park

During 2007 I entered a competition by texting the answer to the radio station. I won this wonderful prize. 4 Nights at Chilli Pepper Lodge all meals included. Night trip to the Kruger National Park and a hang glider trip over the Lowveld. Hang glder trip did not go through because it was raining the day we booked. We did not mind, we went for a pedicure in stead.

Green door at the left was our room.

Front door to reception at Chilli Pepper Lodge.

Swimming pool. When you turn around from the entrance you can see the swimming pool.

View from our front veranda – real Lowveld!

Chilli Peppers of the Chilli Pepper Lodge! They are in the reception area.


Night ride in the Kruger National Park.

It really was something special. We saw a lot of animals, rhinos, lions, antelope

And the best was hyenas chasing a leopard up a tree. This was a real breath taking experience(no photos because my camera is very plain!!!!)

At the starting point in the Game Reserve.

Me after visiting the office where we booked the trip.

Pilot our guide. He was a real good guide, knew where to look and when.

Here is just a last picture! The place where we had the pedicure was an old , big mansion. These flowers were from the florist waiting to be taken inside.

It’s Write Easy (2)

Last week Friday we were given five words from which we had to take one and write about it.(This is our homework for the following meeting)

The words were:  advice, breeze, grandparents, fire, scare. 

I used  ADVICE

Meaning of advice is – opinion given as to further action .

Giving advice is easy but taking advice is very hard. Some people love to give advice.

I have a friend who is always handing out advice. Every thing I do or suggest , she will give my advice on. Problem is, she never listens to or takes my advice. She always turns it around as if it was her who gave the advice.

When giving advice you must take care how you give it. Sometimes advice can make the situation worse.

One can listen to older people who have more experience in life. They know what they are talking about.

No advice is better than bad advice!

Today 23 March 2012 we had to describe a person

This is what I wrote:


Her name is Betty. I think she could be in her early eighties. She is a short but slender lady. She has grey hair and green eyes that you can see can’t see that well anymore. Betty has a smiling friendly face, always ready to talk to everyone who passes by.

Early mornings she goes out to pick up the newspaper and takes it inside to her husband – who is waiting inside. When I see her in the mornings she has this jump in her step. Hopping to me, greeting me and asking how I am. Then she starts telling about her plans for the day. She always waves at me when I am further down the road.

I feel that she is a very caring and lovely lady. I don’t know her very well but look forward to saying “hello” to her every morning.

Our homework words are:  newspaper, girls, zoo, first day …, birthday

The 7X7 link award

Colline at Colline’s Blog nominated me for the 7X7 Link Award.Colline has a big variety of posts from written,to pictures only and Biblical words. She inspires me every time to go on posting another post.

Thank you for naming me for this award Colline.

It works as follows:   I need to provide seven links to 7 posts that I have written according to seven categories. There after I am to pass this award to seven other bloggers.

The seven categories and links to my posts are:

1. The most popular:  Looking at my stats the post Cosmos was the popular one

2. The most helpful: Cicada  I did a lot of reading on the New Zealand Cicada That wasvery interesting

3. The most beautiful one: Sunday Post: Landscape

4. The most contraversial: About me

5. The most surprisingly succesful : Ruth Wyand. There was a lot of interest in this one

6.  The most underrated: According to my stats again  was the least popular Winter – Summer

7. The most pride worthy: Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual  The peacock  ones. I had to scan my scrap book page to get the photos because I could not find them .Then my son found them and I could use it as I thought to do it in the first place

Here are the seven bloggers I would like to nominate for this award:

1. life as i see it

2.  FlickerComments by FritzText

3. Ramblings

4.  A Traveller’s Tale

5.  Sarchasm2

6.  Hunderdpics

7.  Sonel’s corner

Die mense wat ek lief het

Deduut  1979

Anton Goosen/Stephen Bouwer


Die mense wat ek lief het

Kom groei op my soos mos

Daar laat ek hul na hartelus gedy

En loop ek deur die wereld

-beskut teen die koue-

Die snoesigheid self:

Ek met my moskombersie

En as daar oorlog kom

Word die mense wat ek lief het

n Ekstra liefdeslaag om my

So marsjeer ek deur die wereld

Gepantser teen die vuur

Die onaantasbaarheid self:

Ek met my menskombersie


Maar as iemand wat op my gegroei het

Weg moet gaan

Dan sit daar n seerplek

Dan sluip ek deur die wereld

Die kwesbaarheid self:

Ek met my seerplek

Wat net nie wil genees nie

Laurika Rauch

While I  was out walking this morning I picked up this pod with some moss on it and I remembered the song that Laurika Rauch sings in Afrikaans

Die mense wat ek lief het

Moss on pod